Create your own custom android wear watch face


  • import one of over 25 watchface packs from the gallery
  • simply personalize your LG G Watch, Samsung Gear Live or Moto360
  • get extra quality design watchfaces

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„…  Android Wear smartwatch running WearFaces, an app that lets you personalize your watch face. More specifically, you’ve downloaded the PEAR watch face for the app… It’s worth noting the free WearFaces app with the PEAR watch face will cost you considerably less than the $349 starting price of the Apple Watch“


„WearFaces è un’app che permette di aggiungere personalizzazioni ad Android Wear. Da poco ha aggiunto anche una home screen come quella dell’Apple Watch“


„A number of big-name brands have already used Wear on their timepieces, and some developers even let you create your own custom Android Wear watchface. Indeed, WearFaces is one such service, letting you personalize your smartwatch, be it a Samsung Gear, LG G, or Moto360. To help demonstrate this customization, WearFaces has launched the PEAR watchfaces for Android…“

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„And it’s not only for developers, even you can create your own watchfaces! This is made possible thanks to apps like UhrArt’s WearFaces, which allows you to make, customize and manage your watchfaces.“


„Wer sich das Watchface installieren möchte, muss zunächst die Wearfaces-App herunterladen, ein Framework für alternative Watchfaces. “


„From rookies to end users, WearFaces will definitely be a useful app for anyone looking for an effortless and convenient way of crafting their own custom watch faces for their Android Wear device.“


„It’s nice to have the option to flaunt your personality and style instead of being confined to defaults“


„an interesting look at how designing your own watch face“


Template files:

Download the square template images for your custom WearFaces or the round template for the upcoming Moto 360.


1. Simply download a wearface pack from onto your device/DropBox/Google Drive.
2. Open the WearFace App and import the zip (ES File Explorer works best)
3. Hit „Send to Wear“, wait some seconds till data transfer is finished and reapply the custom wearface.


1. Design your own watchface by creating pictures for the dial, hourhand, minutehand and the secondshand and the according dimmed states. (best 320x320px and .png format) Or download premade wearface packs from the Gallery!
2. Save your own custom watch face files on your device/Dropbox/Google Drive.
4. Start the WearFaces App and choose the different files. (Note: On the image pick dialog, a file explorer like ES File Explorer works best).
5. Hit „Send to Wear“, wait until the dialog opens on the watch. After the progress bar finishes you can apply the „Custom WearFace“ from the watchface picker.

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