This watchface is inspired by Dieter Rams

Dieter Rams is a influential designer from my country (Read something on Wikipedia). Maybe you heard about the rumors that some Apple Products got influenced by his work. I watched his products some time ago and I was extremely fascinated. I always got the feeling, that his industrial designs are so perfect, if you would change or add one small thing it would destroy the whole concept. Purity is the right association.

I also have to cite his 10 Rules for good design:

Good design:
1. Is innovative
2. Makes a product useful
3. Is aesthetic
4. Makes a product understandable
5. Is unobtrusive
6. Is honest
7. Is long-lasting
8. Is thought down to the last detail
9. Is environmentally friendly
10. Is as little design as possible

I’m very happy, that Rob Hodzelmans worked hard to bring you this extraordinary minimalisitc square design watchface pack. It is in fact inspired by the classic BRAUN BN0042 wristwatch. Additionally to the black version, you can find a white version. So feel free to download this custom wear watchface pack. To give something back it would be helpful if you could share this post.

Download Black
Download White


Simply import the zip in the WearFaces App.