LG G Watch R watchface

Max d’Anger created this nice watchface for the new LG G Watch R

Finally the wait is over. Max d’Anger is one of the first LG G Watch R users who shares with us his watchface creation.
See the transition between the dimmed state and the ambient mode below.

It is nice to have a first real round watchface for the upcoming LG G Watch R. Of course WearFaces aka Android Wear Faces Creator works on this truly round watch. So feel free to create and share some watchfaces for this new device. For all Moto 360 or LG G Watch users this fits also nicely. So if you like this design spread the word in your favorite social media šŸ˜‰

Download Blue essence by Max d’Anger Downloads: 11688




Since today you can buy the LG G WATCH R also here in Europe:


Simply import the zip in the WearFaces App.