Infinity by ‚til Clocks

Infinity by ‚til Clocks


So the Moto 360 is released and WearFaces gets ready

You’ll notice, that I added subsections for square and round watchfaces in the Gallery. Also a new update for WearFaces will be released in these days.
I was very busy, because I went to the IFA 2014 in Berlin to test WearFaces on a round watch. With the help of I could manage to test it on the LG G Watch R (see video below). I think WearFaces was the first 3rd part app on this watch. Also early adopters of the Moto 360 tested WearFaces and it works good.

Daniel Ortiz from ‚til Clocks was fast and created this Guardians of the Galaxy themed watchface.
It is one of the first true round watchfaces for the Moto 360. So if you are Groot check out this awesome watchfaces.
He was so kind and made a round and a square version.

Daniel also releases many more watchfaces soon. Check out his Google+ Community.
If you like his design don’t forget to donate for him:

Click here to donate!

Please, share this site after the download!

Download Round
Download Square


Simply import the zip in the WearFaces App.

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