Light Precision by Vivien Bocquelet

Light Precision by Vivien Bocquelet


And another great watchface by the talented UI / UX Designer Vivien Bocquelet. I wonder how this looks on the LG G Watch Urbane? Somebody can share a photo?

Check out his site: or reach him via Twitter or facebook.

Download Watchface Downloads: 6730

Off-Topic: Remember the guy who made these 3D printed Android Wear Watch stands?

He is a man of many talents:

These handcrafted Italian leader shoes were also designed by him.
You can pre-order them now. But be fast as they are limited to only 25 pairs. So if you want something unique here you go.
The best part: if you are fast you get a nice price cut

If you click the heart on the page the price drops by 5$ and you can also use these vouchers (first come first server).

10€ Coupon

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[1] 3d printed Android Wear Watch stands for the LG G Watch RLG Urbane and LG G Watch by Jan Waibel.





Simply import the zip in the WearFaces App.


Minimal Retro by Nicola Dongo

Minimal Retro by Nicola Dongo


The union between the old style and new technology

Nicola Dongo is a talented Italian designer.
He created this watchface inspired the by first pocket watches.

Check out his site:

We like the fact that he shares his face with us. Thanks!

You can find a fully round version for the LG G Watch R and a special version for the Moto 360.
If you like this design feel free to share it with your friends and donate to Nicola:

Download full round version Downloads: 7144

Download Moto 360 version Downloads: 8601

Note: You can turn on the seconds hand in the app.



Simply import the zip in the WearFaces App.


Je suis Charlie

Je suis Charlie

Today Christian Meslin from France contacted us with the following words:

after these tragic attacks, to give this wearface for memory of Charlie Hebdo and for the freedom of the press…

The world stands still in these hard days after the attack on the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo in Paris.
Our hearts go out to the victims and to France in this time of sorrow.

This watchface is for all who want to show their support for the victims and the freedom of speech.
We are thankful to Christian Meslin for his creation.

Update: Consider also to spend some money to the magazine so that they can achieve the 3 million copies: Link for Donation

Download „Je suis Charlie“


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Blue essence by Max d’Anger

Blue essence by Max d’Anger

LG G Watch R watchface

Max d’Anger created this nice watchface for the new LG G Watch R

Finally the wait is over. Max d’Anger is one of the first LG G Watch R users who shares with us his watchface creation.
See the transition between the dimmed state and the ambient mode below.

It is nice to have a first real round watchface for the upcoming LG G Watch R. Of course WearFaces aka Android Wear Faces Creator works on this truly round watch. So feel free to create and share some watchfaces for this new device. For all Moto 360 or LG G Watch users this fits also nicely. So if you like this design spread the word in your favorite social media 😉

Download Blue essence by Max d’Anger Downloads: 11616




Since today you can buy the LG G WATCH R also here in Europe:


Simply import the zip in the WearFaces App.