We are very happy that WearFaces broke through the 5000 downloads mark!


We want to thank all of you who made this possible. Thanks to all watchface creators for their stunning designs. Thanks to all beta tester, who helped to debugging ! Thank you to everybody who gave a good rating or spread the word. You are all awesome!

But for celebration, we had some fun with the camera and also made a special wearface pack for the ones who are into classic style.
We want that you can wear your smartwatch together with your best dress. As we worked on this we realized, that we don’t have a clue how many ladies out there are using WearFaces.

So show yourself, leave us a comment below!

This wearface pack comes along with a trivia question: How is this classic pattern named?

We try to constantly improve the platform and the app itself:
In the next days you will receive a major update which will make everything even better.
Moreover this is just the start of a series of classic watchface packs made for you.

So as always, feel free to share or discuss and have fun!

Download HER by UhrArt