Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

I created a custom watchface, but the ambient mode shows a yellow picture!

This problem is new, since there is 4.4W1 out. I’ll look into this and solve this in a future update. For now do this:

  1. Set the watch to a standard watchface (e.g. Simple).
  2. Restart the watch.
  3. Wait 20 seconds after the boot.
  4. Resend your custom watchface from the WearFaces App (only hit once).
  5. The Progressbar should be going to 100% and then will disappear.
  6. Apply the „Custom Watchfaces“. The dimmed mode should work now.

I created a custom watchface on the Moto 360 but it shows not the right images after I transfered it.

The Moto 360 is always in the Ambient Mode. So please make sure you set pictures in the second row for the Ambient Mode for the dial and hands. As soon as the Moto 360 is available in Germany I try to test it, but for now my hands are tied.

Is WearFaces working on my SAMSUNG GEAR, GEAR 2, GEAR Neo, Sony Smartwatch…?

If you are not on an Android Wear wearable, I have to say „No“ for the moment. I think there are similar Apps made for these decives. Please google that or search in your device specific Appstores. And please, don’t rate my App badly because of that. Thank you ūüėČ

The digital clocks disappears, when I try to edit it. What now?

This will be more intuitive soon. In the moment you have to enter values to the four fields and hit „update position“. Keep in mind, that the values are entered in percentage of screen size. An example that works: x%: 10.0;¬†y%: 10.0;¬†w%: 50.0;¬†h%: 50.0 If there are still problems contact me under¬†

How can I use the provided watchface packs?

Download them somewhere on your phone. Simply import the zip file in WearFaces (if you have problems use ES File Explorer in Data-Mode)¬†hit „Sent to Wear“ (once). After some seconds the receiver should finish on the¬†wearable. Reassign the watchface from the watchface gallery.

When the face goes in dimmed state, it changes to something else!

Did the watchface pack you downloaded had a dimmed state? Please check in the WearFaces App, what happens when you click on the passive mode toggle button. If you not like the dimmed state you can manually change the pictures for the dial and the hands.

The hands are not transferred to the clock!

Make sure, that the files you try to sync are not bigger than 1 Mbyte. Check that you got at least version 1.11 of WearFaces. The issue got fixed there. If you still have problems please send an email.

The hands are not right. I am totally lost in time! What now?

Two easy solutions: 1. You are hitchhiking through galaxy with a spacecraft using infinite improbability drive, therefore a smartwatch is useless. 2. Did you made sure, that your custom hands point at 12 o’clock?

On screen dimming, the colors get weird and the seconds hand disappear.

The seconds hand disappears to save some battery. The color and quality change is normal at the moment. Google hasn’t yet released the official watchface API (reference). Please don’t hurt my app rating for this. It will be fixed as soon as it is possible. At the moment please¬†try the Pan-Galactic Gargle Blaster instead.

When will start the platform for wearface sharing?

Soon, please give me some time! I work hard to bring it up, but I’m human (third intelligent species on earth after dolphins and mice).

I want to hire you!

What a coincidence, I search for a good job! Contact me under

I don’t find any answers here!

If you are not satisfied with 42 than please write an email to and explain your problem in detail.


I can’t find the template files in the folder Pictures\WearFaces. What now? (deprecated, issue only before 1.12) Here comes help: Just download the template file. This was a problem due to different device specifications. Sometimes a reboot helped. So this function is not official supported anymore. If you have the files in your Pictures/WearFaces you are lucky!