This watch face is a piece of Art

Our well known designer Carl Freeman worked hard and brought us this hand crafted timepiece called Form.
I can’t look away with this beauty on my wrist! I think this absolutely deserves a big donation for him!

You’ll get a red or a blue version, which are both compatible with round and square Android Wear smartwatches.

Before you download this watch face please read this!

To assure your satisfaction it is necessary, that you update WearFaces to the newest version 1.21!

Also because digital time formats are different all over the world, I highly recommend you to follow these steps:

  1. After the import of this Wearface pack by Carl Freeman hit that „Add DigitalClock“ button!
  2. Hit „edit date/time“ and edit the date information to your location.
  3. You can also change the color to white if you like it more.
  4. Important: save changes!
  5. Now you can send it to the watch.

Download Red Version
Downloads: 12678

Download Blue Version and
Downloads: 9969
 don’t forget to donate to the Designer!

Update: Carl just added two versions with dimmed mode:

Download Red Version with Dimmed State
Downloads: 8801
Download Blue Version with Dimmed State
Downloads: 8436

Update 2:  Matt Michaud was so kind and helped us to make this design more compatible with the Moto 360:

Download Red Version with Dimmed State for Moto 360
Downloads: 7203


Simply import the zip in the WearFaces App.