These watchfaces by Richard Bakker show you diversity

These watchfaces are not for the classic mechanical clock lovers, but they are for the ones who appreciate the difference!
Richard Bakker, a talented designer brings us these three colorful watchface packs themed around transportation. He celebrates the human progress in air, water and land. For me they are special, because I see the creativity in them.
They also have a surprising dim mode šŸ˜‰

The best is, that he made these for his little son, which makes him a superdad. So if you have a child too, what about let them wear one of these šŸ˜‰
So head up below and download you favorite one. They should work also on the Moto 360. Please test them and let us know in the comments.

Note: Some people contacted me, because they have digital watch leftovers on their watchfaces. Follow these steps to remove them::

  1. Hit Add DigitalClock“ button
  2. Hit „remove“ and save changes.
  3. Resync and they are gone.

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Download Rail Face
Download Marine Face
Download Plane Face


Simply import the zip in the WearFaces App.