The new update for WearFaces is out!

With some technical difficulties (not as big as the chinese apple stream) the new version 118 is out. You can now easily add and edit digital clocks or date information into your watchface designs. This is just the beginning of a series of new features coming soon. See below a short tutorial how add date information to your existing watchface designs.

But there is also another extremely helpful new addition: You can now export your current watchface design with one touch. The next touch lets you share the watchface pack with your friends or with us (feature@uhrart.com) to get featured on the website. The watchface is stored under Downloads/WearFaces/ as „export.zip“ on your Android device.

Tutorial: How to use the new digital watchface feature

  1. screen114Start with your design (We started by importing 42 by Rob Hodzelman)
  2. Hit Add DigitalClock and the digital clock edit screen appears with a big white textclock above the dial.
  3. Important step: Fill in the 4 fields with some numbers and hit „update position“. Note that you enter it in percentage of screensize:
    • x% defines the left side of the text from the left side of the watchface (e.g.: 10.0)
    • y% defines the top of the text from the top of the watchface (e.g.: 10.0)
    • w% is the width of the text in percentage of the whole width (e.g.: 50.0)
    • h% is the height of the text in percentage of the whole height (e.g.: 50.0)
  4. Edit the color if you like (the Hex field for the prfessionals is #AARRGGBB without #)
  5. Choose the a custom font (Note: If you want to share it be sure that the font does not hurt copyrights. You can search on fontsquireel or Google Fonts.
  6. Edit the Information that gets shown.
    e.g.: dd. MM. yyyy will look like this 10.09.2014
    We used:
    A detailed list with all options you can find here: SimpleDateFormat. You can use new lines, but this will make your text smaller to fit in our imaginary box.
  7. Hit „save changes“ and you get back to the normal ccustomization screen, with your date information on the watchface.
  8. Hit „Send to Wear“ and the watchface gets transfered to your wear device. Reapply the custom watchface again and enjoy your creation.
  9. Next step is to go to all Apple friends and proudly presenting them your beautiful custom made watchface, saying: „Oh the clock says „not 2015“ yet 😉
  10. If you like WearFaces, please spread the word or donate In-App.

If you find bugs or something is unclear please contact us under feedback@uhrart.com.

Here you can download and import the freshly exported modified version of 42 by Rob Hodzelmann used in the example:

Download 42 Black with Date


Simply import the zip in the WearFaces App.