PEAR watchface for Android Wear

So there is this big company, lets call it PEAR industries, which will release that awesome new product in 2015. They always tell how cool and innovative they are. So I decided, that it would be nice if we show the people following this company how cool our shiny products can be šŸ˜‰
Go to your special friends and tell them, that you have the new prototype smartwatch from PEAR before everyone.

This shows you how easy it is to create your own designs with WearFaces. Have fun!
Download it free on Play if you don’t have it yet.
If you have something cool yourself, send your creation to Maybe you get featured here!

You get a round or square version of the watchface below.

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Download PEAR Round (always colorful for Moto 360) Downloads: 30819
Download PEARĀ Square (always colorful) Downloads: 13322


To save battery there is also a version with a Ambient Mode (dimmed state):

Download PEAR Round (with dimmed state) Downloads: 10919
Download PEAR Square (with dimmed state) Downloads: 8534


I also want to thank some special people here:

The talented designer Ryan M. Kelly for his wonderful watchfaces (Milk, Pitch, Crystal, Min) which come with the App. Check out his Dribble his Android Icon Packs and

All watchface creators. Look around at the Gallery, visit their sites and share some love!

Update: This seems to escalate here a bit: I thank for this nice review. Check it out too.
Update 2: Wow, 10000 views in less than a day more websites talk about it: and Caschy’s Blog. Thanks guys!
Update 3:Ā Ok this goes officially Viral: and
Update 4: Thanks to all people who wrote over 100 Articles around the world. Thanks to all people who shared this!
Update 5: MKBHD, GIZMODO and CNET are on it! Thanks Marques Brownlee, Darren Orf and Amanda Kooser.

It was not supposed that this story leads to a nuclear meltdown of the whole internet. But we can’t undo it, so we decided to add aĀ super secret special unicorn edition for the people who actually read this.



Simply import the zip in the WearFaces App.

For all who have probems I made a How-To video: